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TS56 O Christmas Tree

Good morning!!

Hopefully everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday and are surviving the week after! We had a great time here at my house. We did the typical watch football, Macy's day parade, ate a feast, then binge watched the Back to the Future trilogy.

I'm about to drop a bomb on you.


I've never seen any of the Back to the Futures before this past weekend. I know, I know!! I know lots of references, because they are frankly everywhere. But still. My 11-year old knew more about the movie than I did.

But, now that we are past that, ITS THE HOLIDAY SEASON!!!!! With that, on Dec 1, I received my first Christmas card! I actually looked at the envelope and thought, whats the occasion. Dur........

I need to make my christmas cards. Sure, I could send out the ones I've been making all year for Tis The Season, but where's the fun in that ;) I also like to have all of mine match. (It killed me to send out mis-matching Thanksgiving cards that were from the swap gro…