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Woah! What I've been up to since February! Pt. 1

I apologize. I'm a big ol' slacker when it comes to maintaining my blog. I have some good reasons though:

1. I was enrolled in school at the time
2. Kids. 'Nuff said.
3. Roller Derby. I love it but it is very time consuming with practices/meetings/events.
4. My husband was gone off and on from October to March with training.
5. Now that it is finally summer in Alaska (we are currently enjoying 90+ degree temps) we are exploring our great state! Just over a month ago we were getting snow. Cra-zay!

Don't fret, I've still made a few things. Just haven't had a chance to post them (even though I spend a lot of time on the computer. Doing unnecessary things. Ugh.)

Here they are:
******** SPOILER ALERT: If you are my lovely in-laws, please check back in a few days. After you have received 2 cards in the mail. Thanks! ***********

Thanks for stopping by! I have lots more, just didn't want to overwhelm! Lets hope I post 'Part 2' in a timely manner :)