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Other Cards I've made up until now

This card was for my Dad's birthday. I LOVE the Make a Monster stamp set and came up with this idea. Although not executed as clear as my vision, its still cute. Now, the make a monster set needs an add on with space ships!  

 A simple birthday card for Evan's friend. Since he had a near 4th of July Birthday, I left the firecrackers as they were (instead of making flames to look like candles) I saw this in the IB&C (thats Idea Book and Catalog 09-10) and thought it was worthy of making. Super simple!

Some valentimes for my then-deployed hubby!  I made these while watching my New Orleans Saints win the Superbowl! So cute and super easy to make!  Plus, since I live overseas, AFN doesn't show the commercials the night of the superbowl.  This gave me something to do during the breaks. The "Follow your heart" is a treat-box! To make sure your box stays together, invest in some sticky strip!

Sorry these aren't in any sort of holiday order! This card was one of t…

So fresh and so clean clean...

Good morning everyone! I've finally decided after spending countless late nights reading everyone else's blog, I would create one of my own! YAY! ( I knew you'd be excited!) So, with that said...this is still very much a work in progress.  So, if you have any suggestions, I'll gladly take them!

Anymawho.... as I'm creating this, my conscience is nagging me. Surely there is something else I should be doing?  Naa. I've already stocked the dishwasher, vaccumed, went to the base post office to pick up my always on-time Stampin' Up! package, and hit the commissary. So, hush conscience....I've made my keep for the day.

So, in efforts not to bore you....I'm going to post a few of my recently made projects.

This was a Baptism card for one of my best friends, Jada. Most of this is made using SU! Products. I think the only things that CTMH are the "Celebrate the occasion" stamp and the actual card template was from one of their kits. I know, as a S…